Workouts, Cat Tower, and Trip to the Vet

Crazy and busy and crazy and busy. That was my Friday-Tuesday. My much needed and highly anticipated four-day-weekend was filled not with sleeping and Netflix binges, but with doing stuff. Voluntarily. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME, KOREA?!

Friday wasn’t a day off, but it was our Children’s Day party at work. No lessons, but of course it was way more exhausting. I was in charge of crafts, so that meant making 50 beaded necklaces. Yay. For the older kids, I “helped” them make keychains. I was dead at the end of the day, but because I’m crazy I still went to the gym afterwards.

Saturday was supposed to be our lazy day, but we got invited to do an outdoor workout with a bunch of other fitness folk at a park along the Han River. We couldn’t say no to that, and I’m so glad we went. We had a great workout, the weather was beautiful, we met some new friends, annnnd I won a new pair of Reebok Nanos! No picture yet, as they haven’t been delivered. I’ve been needing a new pair for a while, but I love my current ones so much I couldn’t bring myself to buy another. I’ll take some free ones though. 🙂

Since Saturday wasn’t our lazy day, we decided to make Sunday our lazy day. But I first wanted to make a cat scratching post for Nabi. BIG MISTAKE. HUGE. …lol. Okay, not really. We used some scrap wood I found, a screw, and a million cardboard boxes that Alex and I stole from the streets. It only cost us a dollar, and we had a lot of fun making it, but it took up about six hours of our Sunday. And OF COURSE Nabi hasn’t even looked at her new and beautiful, scratching tower.

We knew Monday couldn’t be a complete lazy day, since we had a vet appointment for Nabi, so new lazy day was pushed to Tuesday. We scheduled the vet appointment for 10:00, and planned to get Nabi in her crate at 9:30. We figured it would take 15 extra minutes (at most) to get her ready. WELL. As soon as Alex grabbed her crate, she took off. I managed to grab her, but she put up a good fight. Fearing for my veins, I dropped her, and she sprinted under our bed. Trying to get her in her crate was impossible. She sprawled out all four limbs and spread her toes, completely blocking the little crate hole. After about 15 minutes of trying to coax her out from under the bed (catnip, fish, food, the broom), we had to call and reschedule her appointment for noon. What we ended up doing to get her out from under the bed was close the bedroom door and lift the mattress and box spring. We had to take apart our bed. Allahallah. Once we finally got her, we had to take apart her crate, put her inside, and then rebuild it while trying to keep her from swatting at us and escaping.

The fun didn’t end there… She started out okay at the vet, just a little scared. We just wanted to get her a general check-up, nails clipped, and a microchip. She was fine, until the vet checked under her tail… Nabi, understandably, did NOT like her caboose checked out. She started hissing like crazy, and I was quite worried for the vet’s safety. Even she seemed worried, and brought in a cone for Nabi to wear…but she got out of that pretty easily. So the vet took poor Nabi to a separate room where she could have extra hands help give her an immunization, her microchip, her ears cleaned, and nails clipped. When it was all finished, to say Nabi was mad at us was an understatement. However, she only stayed behind the fridge for a few hours, and she still snuggled with me at night. So we think she forgave us for that traumatizing experience. The rest of our Monday was pretty uneventful, aside from getting a vacuum.

We woke up this morning ready to finally have our lazy day…only to see that the same peeps that organized the Saturday workout decided to do another, but in a different spot. The meeting point was about 20 minutes from our apartment, so obviously we couldn’t skip out. We met at the base of Namsan Park, a giant hill with a giant tower at the top. We figured the workout would involve running uphill, but weren’t exactly prepared for what the group gurus had in mind. We had a pretty good-sized group, about 12, so we broke into groups of three. The workout was to run up to the tower and back down(4.2km total), and each group had to do a total of 250 burpees. Oh and you had to reach the tower in under 35 minutes. Oh and being Children’s Day, there were a ton of people we had to weave in and out of. Luckily I was with Alex and another guy, otherwise my group would have been much slower on the burpees. I think I pretty much blocked out everything, except for one vivid scene where I was almost to the top, I was “running” really hard (it was really steep at this point), I was feeling dang good, but then I looked to my left and a very elderly man was passing me on his scooter. I just stopped and started laughing. I hope someone got that on film.

The way down was much smoother, as I just let gravity do its thing, and it took a fraction of the time.

I was a little bummed for about two minutes that I didn’t get my full lazy day, but I know if I hadn’t gone out there this morning, I would have sat on the couch all day, eating and watching TV like a piece of lard. And then I would feel like double crap, for not doing anything productive AND being lazy. This is what Korea has done to me… no lazy days. But I think I’m okay with it 😉

We’ll see how I feel about the above statement after work tomorrow…

Here’s to surviving three more days!

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