Softball, Cats, and Cafes.

The last week of April! It’s so strange how time goes by fast AND slow when you’re super busy all the time. I’m still getting used to the work situation…it feels like I’ve been there months, but it hasn’t even been two yet! AHH. This Friday we are celebrating Children’s Day, with a bunch of games and activities and food. Sounds great, but I’d rather just do lessons… no, I’m not boring, but the “fun” days are way more exhausting. We’ve had two field trips so far, which take up the first part of the day, with the little kids, but then I still have to teach four additional classes to the older kids. It’s harder than it seems to have to change gears from “fun field trip teacher” to “Good Afternoon get your homework out” teacher.

The good news is we get next Monday AND Tuesday off. FOUR DAY WEEKEND WHAT. WHAT. I’m so excited but I also just want to RELAX. Like, really relax. Not weekend coffee and gym relax, but Netflix binge relax. Although I do have to take Nabi to the vet for an initial check-up whatsit.

OHYEAHWEGOTACATLASTSUNDAY. Her name is Nabi and she’s seven. Nabi means butterfly in Korean, which is neat, but we are undecided whether or not to change it. We haven’t seen much of her personality as she’s still figuring us out and spends most of her time under the bed or behind the refrigerator. Yes, behind. Cats are liquid. Anyway. She also responds to Nabi though, so there’s a reason to keep it the same. She’s a little chunky, but according to her previous owner she used to be super obese (from her first owner; poor girl has had three homes now). So she’s lost some weight but still pretty big. I’m taking her to the vet just to make sure she’s healthy (seems like it, but I haven’t had a cat since I was 11) and to figure out how much we should feed her to help her shed a few pounds. From the times she’s ventured out of hiding, she’s been playful and snuggly, but then after about five minutes it’s like she suddenly realizes she likes us and it’s too soon, so she freezes and runs away.

This weekend I was a bit crabby, and didn’t want to do much, but we had a little date night on Friday. We ate at an Italian place near my work, which was really really good, and then went on a walk along the Han River. I’ve been wanting to go during the day, but it was such a nice night we went then instead. Although we will be going back; there’s a long bike path and lots of green areas that would make nice picnic spots.

I didn’t do much on Saturday. Alex had a softball tournament so I watched some of that. Then we went to a vegan café to try to get carrot cake (I had been craving it ALL week), but of course they sold the last piece right when it was my turn to order. So we went to a new BBQ place called Manimal. It was pretty pricey, but really good! They use a wood-fueled smoker, right out of Houston, Texas. We didn’t need sauce or knives for our brisket and pulled pork, it was that good. After, because I’m crazy, we walked about twenty minutes to another café (called Glorious Penguin) so I could get my damn carrot cake. It wasn’t vegan, but it was heavenly. I only really wanted the vegan version because then it would be healthy. Right?!? 😉

Today we woke up a bit late (830! WOW), Alex made some breakfast tacos, and then we went looking for a stationary store called ArtBox. I needed to find some wrapping paper for Children’s Day, and apparently this ArtBox was a really cool store with millions of cute gifts, as well as stationary supplies and wrapping paper. The first location we tried was empty… not sure if it was closed for the day or for good. But we were about 40 minutes from home and I didn’t want to give up that easily, so we went to the next closest location…in GANGNAM. I wanted my first trip to Gangnam to be more planned out, but whatever. We only saw a snippet of this regal neighborhood, but we definitely want to go back. There’s just so much stuff, and it’s all so cool and interesting and funny! There’s so much stuff everywhere in Seoul, but it’s like x20 in Gangnam lol.

Anyway, we found the ArtBox store no problem, and it’s definitely as cute and awesome as rumored. I got my wrapping paper, as well as cute hair ties and stickers, an awesome umbrella that has flying animals, AND… a Hello Kitty mini vacuum. Because, duh. 🙂

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