St. Louis, MO and Belleville, IL

From July 18-23 we divided our time between St. Louis and Belleville. I lived in Belleville for three years before moving to Alaska, and had only visited once before. So this was treat for not only myself, but Alex as well. I showed him my old stomping grounds (my middle and high schools), we visited the Arch and Zoo, went to a Cards game (they won, because they are awesome), and Jessica (one of my BFFS) took us to a movie at the Lincoln Theater (woo woo!). A great, big, special thanks to Jessica’s mom and step-dad for giving Alex and I a room and feeding us! Her mom makes some bomb ice-cream drumsticks. 

I should also mention that one of the main reasons we visited was because a good friend was getting married that weekend (to her high school sweetheart! AWWWW! They met in band camp and Jessica and I still remember when Desi told us the first time they held hands. Heeheehee!). 

It was an enjoyable trip but, like many, too short. I miss Jessica and Desi and being goofy with them!!! 

This post is going to dominated by pictures, much like the previous ones. I promise I’ll write more once I get overseas. 

I also had to say see ya later to my husband, as he has to get back to work, and I’ll be going to my parents. That sucked. Thank goodness I had Jessica with me to keep me from getting too sad; I also ate and drank a lot. Hahah. 

Enjoy the pictures! 

The Lincoln!


Baby elephant!

Early birthday shot.
And yes, that is a plunger.

He’s my favorite. 

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