Minneapolis: SUPing, hiking, and eating.

After the wedding in Iowa, we drove over to Minneapolis, MN to visit our good friend Dan. Judging by everything we did (and ate), one would probably never guess that Dan only recently moved to Minneapolis, or that Alex and I were only there for a few days. If anyone ever needs a tour guide of Minn., Dan’s the man! (Well, you’d have to ask him, I have no real authority in that matter). 

Anyway. We ate a TON of awesome food (turns out it was restaurant week!), did some stand-up paddle boarding, snuck in a CrossFit workout at an actual affiliate (http://www.crossfitstlouispark.com/), HIKED (there are some mighty fine cliffs in the area, I kid you not), and explored a neat sculpture park. I must say, that after three days, Minneapolis is accamazing. I’d live there (ahem, Alexander…).

I was debating separating this post into two (or three), but that would take too much work and I’m le tirrred. And people like pictures, right? 🙂 
Pretzel bun stuffed (garlic aioli) bacon
burger.I still have dreams about
this baby.
This is a giant treehouse.
Some child had / is having
the best childhood ever.
Fogo de Chao!
I know, I’m a traitor.
But at least it’s not
the Cubs, eh?
Target Field

I don’t float, but life jackets do!
Showin off
Band name?
Reminds me of Fairbanks 🙂
Say Anything
These VW Beetles get more slender every year.

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