Day 4: Edmonton to Great Falls

I have a theory about birds that swoop in front of cars driving 80 mph. You see, there are these bird gangs all over the place. They like to hang out on telephone lines and judge you. And if a bird gets to hang out on the telephone line, that’s good stuff. But, there’s an initiation process. In order to join the bird gang, a bird has to fly in front of car and survive. Alex and I have also deciphered some of the rules: 1) The car must be going at least 55 mph. Bird gets a better telephone line spot if car is going faster.  2) Bird must fly completely in front of car, at car level.  None of that fly-half-way-then-turn-around stuff, or the fly-diagonally-and-fake-it crap. This is the only reasonable explanation as to why some birds will not fly across an interstate until a car comes along. 

So today was our last day in Canada :(. Very sad. In order to make Montana more enjoyable, we stopped by a Sobeys and stocked up on Caramilks, Wunderbars, Kinder Eggs, and Hobnobs. All of which are ACCAMAZING and should be imported into the US of A pronto. 

We also had to drive through Calgary, which we were pretty apprehensive about, since there was a massive flood the week before. But luckily the main roads were all fine. Calgary, I hope you recover soon! We would have liked to tour around… Next time!

OH! But before we left Canada-Land, we stopped at the Museum of Miniatures in Nanton. It’s pretty dang awesome, the owners are super friendly and knowledgable, and I highly suggest it to anyone in the Alberta / Montana area. I didn’t take any pictures, however, because there are so many minute (HAH) details. Pictures wouldn’t do them justice. 

Great Falls is neat; reminded me of Fairbanks in that everyone was friendly and didn’t care what they were wearing. 

My Love-A-Dove
Calgary! Luckily, it wasn’t too flooded. 
Just a little… 
Made it to Montana! Big Brother was waiting for us…
Neato-burrito chandebeer at
On The Border

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