Day 3: Fruits Magoots, o’er here!

Today we traveled from Ft. Nelson, BC to Edmonton, Alberta. I forgot to mention in the last post the “Ft. Nelson” song. It was stuck in my head for most of day two and goes like this: “Ft. Nelson, I like the things you doooo. Ft. Nelson, if I could I would be YOU!” And then it repeats a million times. Thank you, Alex. 

I suppose I’ll explain the title of this post. So, before we left Ft. Nelson we stopped to get gas at a nice little Canadian gas station. I love Canada, and Canadians, and everything Canadian. And here’s partly why: I was getting one of those gas station cappuccinos that are basically sugar and milk, when a group of mountain men / construction workers come in. Nearly all head to the coffee area, to get plain, black coffee, except one. This guy was obviously new to the group, as he was sorta on the scrawny side, and he DID NOT get black coffee. Oh no; he strolled over next to me and also got a sugary-milky cappuccino. Alex and I went to pay for our items (we also got more Canadian-only snacks) when we heard one of the veteran mountain men say (in an extremely Canadian accent; think Fargo) , “OOH, we got Fruits Magoots o’er here, gettin eh fancy coffee!”  Alex and I about keeled over from laughing. Except we were trying to be polite and hold it in.

Now we call everything and everyone a Fruits Magoots and it makes us giggle.  We really hope it’s not an offensive term…

Anyway, back to the travels. British Columbia is gorgeous, Alberta looks like Montana. I began reading Harry Potter to Alex, since he loves the movies but will probably never pick up the books on his own. Plus, I love Harry Potter and I was due for a reread. 

When we finally made it to Edmonton, we went straight to the mall. Duh. It’s the largest in North America; how could we not? Plus, I needed to find a black swim bottom.

Picture time!

I have no idea what this is, or what was going on. 
Except we were leaving 😦 
An indoor lake at the Edmonton Mall. With a replica of
Columbus’ Santa Maria ship in the
background. Wynaut? 
Go back to Canada Iowa!

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