Packing is Awful

Try packing for an entire year with two suitcases, a carry-on, and a backpack. JUST TRY IT, IT’LL BE FUN. Just kidding. It’s really quite amazing how sentimental one gets (or maybe it’s just me?) over clothing. I already know I will want to do shopping along the way, and there is no way I will go one year without buying ANY pieces of clothing… so why the heck must I try to stuff my suitcases to the brim?? And, they’re just clothes! Honestly, as long as it’s functional that’s all that matters (…I sound like my dad. omg.) so why is it so hard? BAH. 

For those wondering, this was my process: 

1. Try on EVERY piece of clothing I own, including shoes, scarves, bras, and jackets. Anything with a hole, doesn’t fit comfortably or correctly, or has not been worn within the past year (minus sentimental hoodies…) = trash or Value Village. 

2. Place remaining clothes on bed. See diagram A, below:

3. Separate necessary from non-necessary. 

4. Repeat step 3 until pile is much more manageable and realistic. 

5. Fill suitcases and pray there will be enough room for prescription meds, enough toiletries to get by until I find a grocery / convenience store, hair stuffs, cheap-o jewelry, first aid kit, sewing kit, and a few items to temporarily hinder any homesickness.

Thank goodness, I was successful. Now I’m left with my backpack and carry-on for my electronics, important documents, and items needed for our road trip (ain’t no one got time to carry all that crap into hotels every night!)

I mostly packed work and workout clothes. I didn’t have much room for “regular / casual” clothes, and most of my work and workout clothes can do double duty. As far as shoes go, I’m quite proud of myself for packing my favorite tall boots, lifting shoes, CrossFit shoes, a few sandals, three pairs of Toms (work shoes, duh), and my good ol’ 8 year old Chucks. (I know! Packing Queen!) 

I did buy a few items specifically for my travels:

Cocoon Travel Sheet– Just in case I’m ever in a place with a shoddy looking / smelling bed setup… Plus, it’s small enough to fit in my backpack.

Suitcase weigher thing– I hate the gambling game! And I probably don’t want overweight bags for an international flight. 

Travel watt converter – This handy doo-hickey comes with adapters for every corner of the Earth (that I know of…), and will be perfect for airports and tie me over until I get one of those monster transformers (I’m not even going to bother bringing my hair dryer / straightener. I don’t want to risk blowing anything up, and I can just buy new ones when I’m over there).

Microfiber towel– Again, just in case I’m in a place with shoddy (or non-existant) towels!

multi-tool– You may laugh… but how many times have you needed pliers or a screwdriver and have had to use your teeth / nails instead? Save your body parts and get one of these! 

Duct-tape- Because you never know. I’ve never traveled with my fancy new carry-on (usually I use a backpack or duffle), so of course I’m paranoid about the zipper breaking as I’m running around the Munich Airport trying to find my gate and a strudel-stand (is that a thing?).

Well this post is long enough.

PS: If you’re reading this, I’m hoping to find a CrossFit in Ankara. Any leads would be quite helpful! I’ve found a “CrossFit Group” on Facebook, but I’m not sure if that’s all that’s out there or if I’m missing something.

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