Day 1: Fairbanks to Whitehorse

One of the worst days ever. I grew up moving every three-four years, and although it was always difficult, I never cried about leaving a place. Until Alaska. Eight years in one of the most beautiful places in the world will do that to ya, I suppose. And the people are awesome and one of a kind (in Fairbanks, at least). We stopped at Mochalicious in North Pole for my last Alaskan almond milk latte and breakfast sandwich (they are amazing, btw. If you ever find yourself in North Pole, Alaska, you have to stop by!) and headed to Whitehorse!

I won’t go into much detail… it was 12 hours of trees, moosies (I do love them!), a brown bear (not that kind, grosso!), and bodies of water. BEAUTIFUL. 

We arrived in Whitehorse around 9 pm, found a Boston Pizza, and I had my first Canadian meal (calzone and a caesar, yum!). Whitehorse is pretty neat, and if we had more time I would have loved to explore and visit the museums. And everyone we met was super friendly. Duh. 

Oh, almost forgot. Right outside of Otter Falls, Yukon, was a lumber yard. This was their slogan: “Have you seen what we saw” BAHAHA. 

Last picture in Alaska
Officially entering! 
BROWN BEAR. Sorry it’s blurry… someone was in
a hurry!
Better watch out for these guys!
Along Kluane Lake


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