"This is where nurses such as Clara Barton tended the wounded."

Today Mega and I were tourists again, but this time in my parents’ town of Fredericksburg, VA. This quaint city is famous for being the boy-hood home of George Washington, the site of the Battle of Fredericksburg (1862), as well as the home of the University of Mary Washington. So, for a history lover like myself, it’s an awesome place to visit. Mega enjoyed it too, but I think more because of the architecture and courthouse. ;p 

Not only did we stroll the streets of Old Town, but I also got my palm read (she didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know), we ate delicious Italian pizza, and WE TOOK A HORSE-DRAWN CARRIAGE RIDE. Our guide told us all about the history of the city and pointed out many of the famous building / former homes. If that’s not touristy, I don’t know what is. But it was fun, and we definitely learned more than we would have by simply walking on our own. 

This place once made it to the front page of IMGUR!
Mary Washington Monument
Mary Washington’s backyard. Apparently there are
plants here that she planted. That is just too cool.
Mary Washington’s house. She was a loyalist
and very upset about her rebellious son.
Cemetery from the olden times. 
The Anglican Church that Mary attended.
Presbyterian Church where Clara
Barton helped out!
The courthouse (still used today).
Fredericksburg Battlefield 
Unknown soldier 😦
Bullet holes

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