Day 6: Rapid City, SD to Marcus, IA

Today was the last day of the first leg of our adventure. We left good ol’ Rapid City and headed somewhere I’ve wanted to go ever since the first time I saw a South Dakota license plate… If you guessed Reptile Gardens, you’re wrong. But good job if you guessed Mount Rushmore! 

We first stopped at a neat little bagel and coffee shop called Black Hills Bagels. It was so tasty, I ended up buying a half pound or so of some of their flavor-roasted beans. One thing that was odd, however, was when I ordered a bagel sandwich with egg and bacon. This is my regular bagel sandwich. No, I don’t like cheese on my bagel sandwiches and I don’t care if you think it’s weird. You’re not the only one. So anyway, I ordered my sandwich and the lady asked what type of cheese, to which I replied, “No cheese, thanks.” Then she looked at me like I had three heads. After a pause, she asked, “Ok, well what type of cream cheese?” WHO THE HELL WANTS CREAM CHEESE WITH THEIR EGGS AND BACON?! That’s even more gross than regular cheese! Instead of saying that, I just smiled and said, “No cream cheese, thanks.” Then she looked at me like I had three heads and they were asking her about the weather. Followed by a second awkward pause. For the record, I like do like cream cheese on bagels… but that’s it. If your cream cheese needs other food with it (aside from the bagel, and not counting flavored cream cheeses), then your cream cheese is probably expired. 

This same thing always happens at Subway when I order avocado on my sandwich, and I don’t want any sauce. Avocado IS the sauce! 

ANYWAY. It was still a really great breakfast sandwich, and the coffee was great, so don’t mistake my rambling for critiquing. 

Then we headed to the giant heads! Heeheehee…

Not much to say about it, you’ll see pictures in a minute or so. It was super super crowded, so if you see yourself, let me know!  (lol, that’d be so cray).

After visiting George, Abe, Teddy, and TJ, we took a straight shot to Mr. Marcus, Iowa. On the way, we saw a ton of corn. Literally.

It was nice to take a break from our long days of driving, and it’s always great seeing family. Alex was pretty excited; it had been about 5 months since we had seen his parents.

I suck at transitions. 

Picture time! 

I like bridges

Neat tunnel!
Teddy is being SUCH a creepazoid in this one!
With the flags!
Me with the flags!
Alex showing off 😉
I would have done a handstand as well, but I
was wearing a skirt.
Trying to get us all. 
Stupidest place ever. 
Iowa 🙂


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